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  • H100 Thermal Gap Filler

H100 Thermal Gap Filler

Thermal gap filler has excellent flexibility insulation, compressibility and natural surface viscosity performances.it used to fill the gap and realize the heat transfer between the heating parts and cooling parts.It also has insulation and shock mitigation effects meanwhile, it can satisfy the design requirements for mini type and ultra-thin equipment with excellent manufacturability and practicability . with wide range of thickness ,it is widely used in electronic products.

Soft,excellent compression performance

Low thermal resistance

Being recognized as UL94V0

Viscous surface

Being able to work under low pressure

Excellent insulation performance and thermal resistance

ItemsParameterUnitTest Method
ColorGray White---Visual
Thickness0.2~18mmASTM D 374
Hardness8~60(±5)Shore CASTM D 2240
Density2.35±0.5g/ccASTM D 792
Tensile strength≥0.3MpaASTM D 412
Elongation≥80%ASTM D 412
Compression Ratio≥25(@50psi)%ASTM D 695
UL CertificatonV-0,5V---UL-94
Operating Temperature-50~180IEC 60068-2-14
Thermal Conductivity1.0±0.2W/m · KASTM D 5470
Thermal Resistance≤2.0(@20Psi/1mm)℃in2/WASTM D 5470
Breakdown Voltage≥8KV/mmASTM D 149
Volume Resistivity≥1010Ω · cmASTM D 257
Dielectric Constant≥2@1MHzASTM D 150
Dielectric Loss≤0.1@1MHzASTM D 150

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  • H100 Thermal Gap Filler

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