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18 years of ingenuity, I wish Hong Fucheng a happy birthday!

Pulished on May. 13, 2019


Hong Fucheng is 18 years old!

16 years of ingenuity, I wish Hong Fucheng a happy birthday!

18 years

You do n't forget your heart

Always adhere to the industrial sentiment, independent innovation and self-improvement.

18 years

You forge ahead and concentrate

Dedicated to a single-point lead to a comprehensive breakthrough, respectful ingenuity.

18 years

You work hard and keep innovating

The spirit of "orientation" of research and development is injected into Quan Hong's sincerity. Focus on innovation, endless.

Time flies, struggles are marked, 16 years of hard work have witnessed:

2003: Shenzhen Hongfucheng Shielding Material Co., Ltd. was established.

2005: Japan sales office was established, and foam roll slitting technology was introduced.

2007: R & D and production of absorbing materials.

2009: The US and Hong Kong sales offices were established, and R & D and production of thermal interface materials were started.

2010: Suzhou subsidiary was established, and the intelligent production line of thermal pads and coils was put into production.

2011: Chongqing subsidiary established.

2012: Five R & D laboratories in five cities including Mianyang, Zhongshan, and Panyu were established, and domestic I / O conductive pads were established.

The automation production line was put into operation.

2013: R & D and production of ferrite materials 6W high thermal conductivity thermal pad was successfully developed.

2014: Taiwan office was established, and R & D and production of conductive glue, thermal grease, conductive thermal pads, and non-silicon thermal pads .

2015: The sealing gel was successfully put into production of peelable, silicon-free thermal grease 1 ~ 5W.

2016: 3w phase change material was successfully developed and put into production for the automotive industry.

2017: Ultra-high thermal conductivity oriented thermal pad (10 ~ 20W / mk), thermal conductive absorbing composite pad, lightweight thermal pad (for new energy), 7W ultra soft thermal pad, low temperature metal interface material

2018: "Anisotropic Thermally Conductive Silicone Gaskets for 5G Systems" won the 46th Geneva International Gold Medal.

Years are like songs. Your company is the most beautiful note. Thank you to all Hongfu people:

16 years of ingenuity, I wish Hong Fucheng a happy birthday!

Go hand in hand, thank all the customers and partners of Hongfucheng for their trust and support.

Today, we wish Hong Fucheng a happy 16th birthday together!

Read the past, be down-to-earth, show the future, and create brilliant!

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